Welcome to Ink-Glass.Com

Ink-Glass.com (I-G.C) is a high-end design and fabrication boutique specializing in custom high-resolution Giclée* quality laminated glass and/or mirror for use in a wide array of commercial and residential glass products. I-G.C, in collaboration with our manufacturing partner, has developed a proprietary state-of-the-art process that delivers a stunning, durable and functional laminated glass product. Unique to our glass laminating process is the use of high quality inks, media and coatings. We skillfully employ the best digital printmaking techniques so we can capture the deepest, most intense color while simultaneously delivering the sharpest high-resolution graphics. Strategic partnerships and collaborations with key manufacturers, fabricators, artists, photographers and graphic designers enable I-G.C to develop high quality products and services for an array of industries, particularly those focusing on the manufacture of high-end luxury furnishings for use in home/office and interior design.

*Pronounced zhee-clay, Giclée is derived from the French to spray.

Why Ink-Glass.Com?

Ink-Glass.com was formed to provide access to the same high quality digital fine art reproduction processes previously available only to high-volume commercial fine art printing and publishing companies. Now, designers, manufacturers and users of specialized glass products can employ this computerized digital technology for custom, one-of-a-kind items or for extended production runs. The use of colorful, high-resolution inks and dyes in commercial glass laminating is a delicate and exacting science that requires finesse, patience and attention to detail. Most manufacturers are equipped with neither the printing techniques, staff nor the digital printing and/or glass laminating tools to consistently deliver a high quality product that will hold up over time. Most manufacturers thus miss the mark in delivering a sharp, colorful, Giclée-quality fine art graphic suitable for display in museums, homes, galleries or offices. No matter the project size, I-G.C's exacting printing and laminating process delivers consistent, high quality, high-resolution laminated glass. Whether its a few small 12"x 12" glass tiles or enough glass to cover a skyscraper our craftsmanship and high-quality standards are built-in to every product we design and manufacture. With I-G.C's service, expertise and attention to detail, we provide the bridge that joins your design/project with professional and talented, artists, craftsmen and manufacturers who will work to turn your glass masterpiece into a seamless match of form and function. Let Ink-Glass.com put its team to work for you!
Laminated glass table artwork

Laminated glass sign
Laminated glass table artwork

Laminated glass lettering

The System Makes the Difference.

Ink-Glass.com technology is a combination of high-tech elements: State-of-the-art large-format color printers, customized software and specially formulated inks, substrates and coatings for use in the furnaces of the glass laminating process. Drawing on talented craftsmen, artists, technicians and our years of experience, we have melded these elements into a system that combines centuries old traditions (Glass and Print-making) into a modern collaboration of style, form and function within a seamless commercial glass manufacturing process. It's a process without peer in terms of its superior high-resolution capabilities, depth of color and Giclée-quality reproduction within the commercial glass lamination industry. We invite you inside our website to see a sample of our products and services.

One Last Word

Ink-Glass.com's commitment to delivering high quality printing and laminating products is second only to our commitment to provide the finest customer service to you and your project. Our passion, focus and attention to detail are second to none. I-G.C's advanced technology is based on years of pioneering commercial glass laminating techniques in combination with recent advancements in large format printing hardware, software, inks and coatings. We look forward to working with you to create the sharpest, most vivid designs and reproductions available today in the world of digitally produced, high-resolution laminated glass. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Let one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members walk you through the steps in designing your very own laminated glass masterpiece.

Made in USAAll our manufacturing is done in the USA by skilled American craftsmen. That means clear, concise,timely information and feedback about your projects without the communication, manufacturing and shipping issues often associated with work done abroad. We design and manufacture your order to your specifications; you buy only what you need without having to order and purchase an entire 4'x 8' sheet just to meet a minimum order requirement. Contact an Ink-Glass.Com team member today about your project at info@ink-glass.com.