About Ink-Glass.com

archival-quality-laminated-glassInk-Glass's High-Resolution/Giclee printing and glass laminating process is an enabling service that provides new capabilities for creative control of light and space with new decorative materials and colors of unusual brilliance in laminated glass panels. Our state-of-the-art inks, dyes and print media can, for example, quickly and economically transform laminated glass sheets into tough, translucent and/or opaque glass panels that sparkle with color in spaces where such lively and durable materials are seldom deployed.

Ink-Glass's proprietary high-resolution printing and laminating process suggest new custom applications almost daily – wide, durable high-resolution glass panels for interior and exterior spaces that inspire creativity on a scale never visualized before. Architects and designers can create their own signature glass design/patterns or use those of a collaborative artists or one from Ink-Glass's own growing library of custom graphics, patterns and images. We can help transform your client's logo, brand or theme via digital design software into a durable, long lasting and easy to maintain glass show piece. We understand the daily challenge of architects and designers to create interior and exterior environments that are functional, beautiful and inspirational. Ink-Glass's decorative laminated glass panels offer a practical solution to bring light, texture, color and inspiration to any space.

We invite you to compare Ink-Glass's superior quality, performance and customer service. Explore with us how transformative our glass panels can be to any project. Use your imagination to combine designs and colors or submit your own creative material. We're here to help inspired, innovative and manufacture your very own high-resolution glass master piece.