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Architectural Glass

Windows, Partitions, and Wall Systems

While architectural glass continues to grow in popularity and is one of the most aesthetically pleasing materials in the professional designers toolbox, it still remains difficult to incorporate true visual enhancements while maintaining glass's utilitarian function and sleek aesthetics. With recent advancements in digital printing and glass lamination techniques, you can now experience all the structural advantages that engineered laminated glass has to offer while adding all the visual benefits that high resolution, Giclee quality digital printing can provide. With today's digital scanning and digital graphic design capabilities, designers can match swatches, colors and graphics quickly and precisely. Combine this with the ability to vary glass opacity and/or translucency gives you, the professional designer, virtually endless options and combinations when designing custom glass projects.

Architectural Glass Advantages
  1. Increase the vision area to showcase the interior by using more glass and less metal.
  2. Create a unique design by selecting the perfect glass type, color treatment and/or pattern.
  3. Enhance the look of any interior using a wide variety of hardware styles and finishes.
  4. Allow more light in an array of design spaces and configurations.

The ability to enhance traditional clear glass applications with visually stunning images, graphics and color while maintaining the strength, durability and safety that laminated glass products have to offer is nothing short of a design revolution. Let I-G.C show you how easy it is to design your glass masterpiece. Whether you need a couple of 12"x12" glass tiles or enough glass to cover a skyscraper we have your Decorative High-Resolution Architectural Glass needs covered.

We can incorporate color and/or graphic designs into a wide range of products and applications:
  1. Glass Walls and Murals
  2. Glass Partitions
  3. Elevators
  4. Retail Design Elements: Shelves, Mirrors, Doors
  5. Residential, Commercial, Hospitality and Civil
  1. Operable Curtain Walls and Windows
  2. Signage
  3. Glass Art Accent Elements and Appointments
  4. Glass Tiles and Backsplashes
  5. And, So Much More!

Sample Projects

Wall Panels Portable Glass Panels
Glass Panels Restaurant Design
Office Building Windows