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Fine Art - A Dazzling New Media
Image inlaid into glass tabletopFine Art is working with artist and publishers from around the globe to develop exciting new opportunities via Giclèe (pronounced zhee-clay) quality laminated glass. Giclèe, is derived from the French word "to spray". We have developed a proprietary glass laminating process that allows us to print Giclée quality fine art and then laminate the media into high quality glass or mirror. This new glass laminating process provides the artist and or fine art publisher an exciting new tool to expand their media portfolio.'s staff works closely with design professionals to match up artist and fine art publishers with architectural and interior designers looking to place our laminated Giclèe glass in projects ranging from hospitals and commercial buildings to five star resorts, boutique hotels and restaurants. We work with our clients and take our craftsmanship and eye for detail and transform the artist vision into one of a kind works of art. With this ability you're no longer limited to producing just wall hangings, now with our abilities using archival inks, coatings, textiles and other substrates we can reproduce the artist vision into limited edition architectural accents, interior design elements, furniture and accent appointments. Our proprietary glass laminating process allows both the artist and publisher a new opportunity to take proven imagery and transform them into new revenue sources.
Museums, Galleries, and Fine Art Collectors - Our use of archival inks and media in our state-of-the-art digital printing process can provide museum and gallery owners with a new source of revenue by transforming their art collection to a exciting new platform (glass). The Giclée-quality printing process can vary in form and function by recreating high-resolution laminated glass panels from the artist's original work. We can then incorporate the panels into furniture, decorative architectural accents or wall murals in restaurants, hotels and homes. Give us a call to discuss the advantages of putting your art to work for you.
printed silk superimposed into glass divider Artists and Publishers - is working with artists and publishers to develop new uses for high-resolution Giclèe laminated glass. Employing this proprietary printing/laminating process not only exposes architects and designers to many creative possibilities but when given the opportunity to collaborate with artists it expands and lifts the creative possibilities to a new level. This new advanced glass laminating process provides the artist and/or fine art publisher with new revenue-generating opportunities by introducing a new media (glass) to their portfolio. I-G.C works with design professionals to enlist artists and fine art publishers to commission art for Giclèe glass projects. They range from hospitals, public/civic spaces and commercial buildings to five star resorts, boutique hotels and restaurants. The transformation from traditional media to glass can feature subtle changes to the original art or exacting, bold in-your-face reproduction of the artist's original work. Either way, the visual effect is impressive. And with I-G.C's assistance, artists have the option to create more than just traditional wall hangings. By employing our unique process, we can help you recast old imagery thus creating new limited editions or one-of-a-kind glass masterpieces.

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botanical pattern laminated in glass Licensing and Royalty Opportunities -I-G.C's team of professionals can assist in providing additional information and resources to artists and designers with printing, publishing, branding, licensing and selling their glass masterpieces. We also work with artists, designers and manufacturers to license, brand and sell their intellectual and registered properties to qualified and reputable trade professionals, licensees and retailers. can help provide digital publishing and social networking assistance, as well as aiding with licensing and royalty negotiations, product branding and distribution negotiations. For information contact a I-G.C team member at