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Hospitality Design - Sleek, Bold and Sophisticated
Virgin Airways Club RoomInk-Glass.com helps transform ideas into reality; if you can design it…we can print it and transform it into panes of high-resolution glass of various shapes and sizes. Now more than ever, the intensely competitive hospitality industry can profit from aesthetically pleasing glass of stunning color, pattern and texture with uncompromising strength, durability, and adaptability. I-G.C's printing and glass laminating process allows for personalized branding and logo incorporation into many functional and pleasing designs for restaurants, hotels and resorts.

Whether it's a structural glass wall or interior/exterior glass door insert, glass for furniture or a one-of-a-kind appointment of glass and/or mirror, we can help you incorporate your company's theme, logo or brand into the design. Whether the design is subtle or bold, we can create the glass element that will help clients remember your brand, logo or business. Our visually stunning products can help implant in the memory of your clients a warm and satisfying environment in which they dined, slept, relaxed. Ambience is the word and we can help create it in your message.
Hospitality Design I-G.C is all about your vision and its implementation. We supply the resources so your design comes together to create a unique space. We assist clients in creating their vision while ensuring that the project's fit and finish possess the finest quality materials while being fabricated with skill and the highest of standards. Our success lies in creating a strong, durable, functional glass element that is fashionable and sophisticate and complements your company's message, style and brand.

Our craftsmen understand the specialized needs of the hospitality client and work to help them develop concepts that transform their spaces into an environment that has a unified look, one that is both, beautiful and functional. Our friendly and knowledgeable team can assist you in creating the WOW factor that our colorful, high-resolution laminated glass products can deliver.
Made in USA

All our fabrication is done in the USA by skilled American craftsmen. For additional information please contact us at info@ink-glass.com.