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Graphic laminated in glassWith its wide range of colors and sharp, high-resolution print quality, Ink- Glass.com's large format printing process nourishes the creative mind wherever decorators and interior designers ply their skill. Ink-Glass.com's ability to deliver varying degrees of glass opacity and/or translucence using artful combinations of laminating and printing gives you, the designer, a wider, more diverse range of custom glass options. Ink- Glass.com delivers a virtually endless array of color/pattern combinations for any custom glass project. Whether it's fashionable glass door inserts, glass tile back-splashes or one-of-a-kind glass accents, our wide array of glass and/or mirror options will help you deliver the WOW factor!

With today's sophisticated digital scanning and computerized digital reproduction, designers can match swatches, colors and graphics quickly and precisely. Our printing and glass laminating process gives the designer a veritable palette of color enabling the creation of patterns and styles that meet the tastes and schedules of the most demanding client. Let I-G.C show you how easy it is to design your own glass masterpiece. Whether you need a couple of 12"x12" glass tiles or enough glass to cover a skyscraper, we have your high-resolution glass needs covered.

Graphic laminated in glass We can incorporate color, images or graphic designs into a wide range of products: inserts for interior/exterior doors, sliding barn doors, glass wall systems, glass shelves, windows of various sizes and styles, glass tile back-splashes, kitchen cabinet doors and windows, glass table tops and decorative wall accents. Our fabrication ability is not limited to individual glass panes/panel products but includes structural products, such as glass bathroom enclosures/shower doors and accent walls to operable glass curtain doors, walls and partitions. We can manufacture and deliver glass wall units in almost any size and specification. No project is too large or too small. What sets Ink-Glass.com apart is our ability to bridge all facets of the project from design to fabrication to installation. We're there to help design and manage your project's fit and finish, from conception to completion.

Made in USA

All our fabrication is done in the USA by skilled American craftsmen. For additional information please contact us at info@ink-glass.com.