Professional Printing Solutions
Photographers - Innovation from the Lens
Photo embedded in mirrorsInk-Glass.com works with photographers to develop new products and services for their clients, both individual customers and large corporate clients looking for increased visibility. I-G.C's products and services also allow for photographic innovation. Our use of archival inks and medias in our digital printing process provides opportunity for additional revenue for photographers by producing limited editions or one-of-a-kind glass or mirror products for use in commercial or private design projects ranging from glass furniture to interior design elements for hospitality projects (resorts, boutique hotels and restaurants).

Let our reproduction of your photos in high quality laminated glass expand and enhance your portfolio. Our team will work with you to make your photos a unique visual statement in glass design.ontact us at info@ink-glass.com or click on our DesignProfessionals@ink-glass.com page and fill in your company's info. We look forward to showing you how to begin earning more money by teaming up with Ink-Glass.com.

Graphic image in portable glass panelsLicensing and Royalty Opportunities - I-G.C's team of professionals can assist in providing additional information and resources to artists and designers with printing, publishing, branding, licensing and selling their glass masterpieces. We also work with artists, designers and manufacturers to license, brand and sell their intellectual and registered properties to qualified and reputable trade professionals, licensees and retailers. Ink-Glass.com can help provide digital publishing and social networking assistance, as well as aiding with licensing and royalty negotiations, product branding and distribution negotiations. For information contact a I-G.C team member at info@ink-glass.com