Professional Printing Solutions
                     Decorative Glass, Tiles, Inserts, Panels and Walls
silk laminated in glass Ink-Glass.Com can help transform your spaces with all the color, style and elegance decorative high-resolution laminated glass can deliver. Let our team show you just how easy and versatile designing decorative high-resolution glass elements can be. Whether it's just a few small glass tiles or enough glass to outfit a home or business, we can help you design the WOW factor into any project.
                  Architectural Glass: Panels, Partitions and Wall Systems
Silk-implanted-in-glass-panel Ink-Glass.Com offers the design professional a wide array of decorative architectural glass options from individual laminated panes of glass to full glass curtain wall and window systems. We can supply the decorative know how and resources to make a functional glass system into a work of art. Let our team go to work for you.
                 Decorative Glass Furniture: Tables and Cabinets
Ink-Glass.Com works with some of the finest furniture designers and craftsman from throughout the United States to design and manufacture custom high-end luxury furniture and cabinets. Let our team show you how we can transform your space from ordinary to dazzling with the help of our high-resolution glass and mirror. We can help you design the custom furniture elements that will help best to represent you, your style and your taste.
                   Decorative High-Resolution Mirrors
Laminated Glass Mirrors Ink-Glass.Com is helping transform and revolutionize the decorative glass and mirror industry. With use of our proprietary laminated glass and custom digital printing techniques we are developing new and creative opportunities to display mirrors and decorative reflective glass that designers and the public are just beginning to discover and embrace. Let our team show you how you can transform a traditional mirror application into an elegant reflection of form and function.
            Decorative Glass Doors: Sliding, Entry, Interior and Barn
Artwork Embedded in Mirrors When you think of doors, do the words elegant and stunning come to mind? Well then… Let Ink-Glass.Com help transform your doors to be the warm and inviting accent you want for your home or business. Whether you need your door's glass transparent or opaque we can help you transform them with a stylish, but functional design that lets everyone know, you know style!
            Signage, Decorative, Directional or Informative
Let Ink-Glass.Com help transform your signage project with bright, colorful, and durable signage that laminated glass can provide. Our high-resolution glass can deliver sleek, informative style in an easy to clean and durable package. Our glass platform can serve as a base for incorporating other signage tools and materials, helping to transform and enhance the utilitarian function and aesthetics of the sign. Let our team show you how we can help fabricate a stylish/informative, 3-diminesonal (LED) back-lit sign for your project.
                    ThinLight Lamps: Thin & Flat with Edge to Edge LED Performance
thinlight lamp in glass table
Ink-Glass.Com offers ThinLight Lamps with many of our product offerings. If you need and or want the added value and performance that a edge to edge LED flat lamp can give your high-resolution glass masterpiece we can design and fabricate a state-of-the-art energy efficient, thin, flat lamp for your project. Contact our I-G.C team so we can show you how to shed some light on your glass masterpiece.
            Glass Art: High-Resolution Giclée Fine Art
Laminated-wood Ink-Glass.Com works with some of the finest artists from around the world to develop and commission fine art projects for Hospitals, Public and Private Collections, Commercial Businesses and Private Homes, Restaurants, Resorts and Boutique Hotels. The durability, brilliance and sleek clean lines of glass enhance its ability to display art in places and application once never considered. Let the professional team at Ink-Glass.com work with you in designing elegant new ways of displaying your fine art collection.