Professional Printing Solutions

        Architects - A New Dimension in Glass
Architectural glass Ink-Glass.com's large format archival printing is an enabling process that provides the architect with flexible new capabilities for creative control of light and space. Using glass with high quality inks on a wide array of substrates, you can add colors of unusual depth, brilliance and sharpness to any project of any size. We can help you enhance virtually any design, ranging from a few simple 12" x 12" laminated glass tiles to enough glass to cover a skyscraper.
                Interior Designers - A Touch of Luster, Style and Elegance
silk laminated in glass Ink-Glass.com delivers a virtually endless array of color/pattern combinations for any custom glass project. Whether its glass door inserts, glass tile back-splashes or one-of-a-kind glass accents, our wide array of glass and/or mirror options will help you deliver the WOW factor!
        Hospitality Design - Sleek, Bold and Sophisticated
silk laminated in glass Now more than ever, the intensely competitive hospitality industry can profit from aesthetically pleasing glass of stunning colors, patterns and textures with uncompromising strength, durability, and customization. Our unique printing and glass laminating process allows for personalized branding and logo incorporation into many facets of design and functionality for restaurants, hotels and resorts.
        Fine Art - A Dazzling New Media
silk laminated in glass I-G.C works closely with design professionals to help enlist artist and fine art publishers to commission art for Giclèe glass projects ranging from hospitals, public/civic spaces and commercial buildings to five star resorts, boutique hotels and restaurants. The transformation from traditional medias to glass can feature subtle nuances from the original work of art or exacting, bold in-your-face reproduction of the artist's original work.
      Photographers - Innovation from the Lens
silk laminated in glass Ink-Glass.com works with photographers in developing new products and services for their clients whether it's an individual customer or a large corporate client looking to increase visibility. Innovation from the lens of the talented photographer is encouraged.
              Graphic Designer - Your Creativity Transformed
silk laminated in glass Ink-Glass.com's large format, ultra-deep color and high-resolution printing and cutting edge glass laminating process is a revolutionary enabling tool that provides the Graphic Designer with new opportunities to increase sales from traditional product portfolios. Versatile and durable this new glass laminating process provides today's graphic designers and their clients with new products and services.
                 Retail Designers - Striking, Bold and Modular Retail Display Elements
silk laminated in glass Ink-Glass.Com offers the Retail Designer a sleek, stylish and contemporary canvas from which to create, construct and deploy any retail design and branding campaign. With I-G.C's stable, durable and configurable glass module options, we can assist any design team with the development and implementation of retail glass elements ranging from eye-catching shelving, chic/sleek and durable partitions and doors to striking decorative mirrors and glass furniture. Branding is the art, glass is the media.

                Stage and Screen - Innovative Sets, Props and Special Effects
silk laminated in glass With its wide range of colors and sharp, high-resolution print quality, Ink-Glass.com's large format printing process nourishes the creative mind wherever set designers and prop designers ply their skill. I-G.C's ability to deliver varying degrees of glass opacity and/or translucence using artful combinations of laminating and printing gives you, the designer, a wider, more diverse range of custom glass options. Ink-Glass.com delivers a virtually endless array of color, pattern and graphics combinations for any custom glass application.