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      Retail Designers - Striking, Bold and Modular, Retail Display Elements
Syracuse-U-Freedom of the Press Window Mural Ink-Glass.com offers the Retail Designer a sleek, stylish and contemporary canvas on which to create, construct and deploy any new retail display and branding campaign. With I-G.C's stable, durable and configurable high-resolution glass modules, we can assist your design team in designing its next retail display. We can provide the tools and resources you'll need in creating and fabricating display elements ranging from eyecatching glass shelving/racking fixtures to chic/sleek and durable glass partitions. And, while we're at it, we'd like to show you our unusual line of decorative mirrors, high-resolution glass doors and furniture. When the name of the retail branding and display game is creating a visually stunning and memorable experience, I-G.C's, design-friendly, long lasting, high-resolution glass should be in your company's creative toolbox.

With I-G.C's cutting edge glass laminating techniques and large format, ultra-deep color, high-resolution printing process, we've helped create a new and enabling tool that provides the retail design team with exciting new and innovative opportunities to create and fabricate unique and sophisticated retail branding and display elements. The application of durable, impact-resistant laminated glass has never been more widely used in retail display and branding campaigns. Given glass's clean, sleek and elegant lines, it's easy to see why it remains a crowd pleaser. Put I-G.C's versatile and groundbreaking printing and laminating process to work for your company.

Made in USA

All our fabrication is done in the USA by skilled American craftsmen. For additional information please contact us at info@ink-glass.com.


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