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      Stage & Screen - Creative and Durable Stage and Set Design
Custom Set DesignWith Ink-Glass.Com's wide range of colors and sharp, high-resolution print quality, I-G.C's large format printing process nourishes the creative mind wherever stage and set designers ply their skill. I-G.C's ability to deliver varying degrees of glass opacity and/or translucence using artful combinations of laminating and printing techniques gives you, the designer, a wider, more diverse range of custom glass options.

Whether it's creating a new set for a sitcom with all the latest luxury appointments and design enhancements or it's creating a colorful, durable theatrical stage elements for a concert our play, I-G.C's designer-friendly, large format archival printing is an enabling process that provides the professional set designer with flexible new capabilities for creative control of light and space.

Using glass with high quality inks on a wide array of substrates, you can add colors of unusual depth, brilliance and sharpness to any theatricalGraphic laminated in glass table stage design. We can help supply virtually any project with laminated glass ranging in size from a few simple 12" x 12" laminated glass tiles to enough glass to cover a entire back-lot soundstage.

Our archival inks and specially coated media (textiles or films) can quickly and economically transform strong laminated glass sheets into durable, easy to clean props and theatrical design elements. From structural architectural glass elements: windows, walls, partitions and doors to smaller decorative items: high-resolution glass furniture, decorative mirrors and accent appointments. Let I-G.C show how we can be an invaluable resource when designing creative, durable laminated glass for stage and screen.

Made in USA

All our fabrication is done in the USA by skilled American craftsmen. For additional information please contact us at info@ink-glass.com.